Our Technology

The AB technology uses a class AB design with a massive toroidal transformer and power supply. This technology provides much deeper bass and punch than light weight switching power supplies can deliver. The AB design operates in pure class A for the first 15 watts then in class AB to rated power using very low negative feedback to eliminate crossover distortion. AB amps incorporate star point grounding as well as a ground lift switch for the lowest possible noise floor. 


There are many ways to describe the sound from amplifiers, we will leave that to the reviewers and just say AB amps simply re-produce the sound exactly as it was intended without adding or taking away anything, that’s why the studios use them to make movies and music. 


AB amps are so powerful that most installers and studio designers that use the AB line use a passive sub because the amps can power them. The original idea behind the powered sub is the majority of home amplifiers simply can’t power a sub, that’s not the case with AB. There are many great powered subs but it can save money if the amp already in use powers the sub and does so with the intended bass and punch.


All AB amps are rated conservatively with all channels driven at continuous sine wave. Be careful when comparing specs, some manufacturers list their products with only one channel driven or only give the 4 or 6 ohm rating. AB has been building amps for professional installers for over 30 years and if we gave them incorrect specs the install wouldn’t work well, so we have always been honest and conservative with our specs even if it means losing sales. It’s possible the amp will exceed the listed specs depending on things like line voltage.